It’s helpful to be aware of which foods give you staying power and to choose your meals intentionally to fit with your goals.

I’ve been able to kickstart so many clients in the right direction just by quick tweaks in their diet without having to even address portions sizes. For a lot of people, just making the following changes can be enough to create change in energy and move toward other goals.

Sometimes, it’s just the simple science that can help keep us on track towards our goals while keeping us feel satisfied.

There’s no magic number of how many meals or snacks to eat. We would love to recommend you to listen to your hunger and fullness cues, but we recognize this may be a challenge depending on how long hunger and fullness cues have been suppressed. A good start would be 3 meals a day and 1-2 sacks between meals. 

Remember, this is a general recommendation and not personalized for your needs.

When creating a meal, try to pair together:

carb + protein + fat + non-starchy veggies

When creating a snack with staying power, try to pair together the following:

carb (includes veggies) + protein or fat

Choose a food from each macronutrient categories below to create balanced meals and snacks:

Adding meals and snacks with staying power can drastically upgrade your diet depending on where it is currently at. These formulas can easily be tweaked for specific dietary concerns or necessary restrictions. Feel free to make it your own!

I created a helpful downloadable guide and worksheets with the above macros broken down with space to create your own favorite mixes plus I added over 25 examples of my own balanced meal and snack ideas. Click to get your copy!