Unlocked Nutrition

 w/ Kat Benson, RDN LD

Tools for a Healthy relationship w/ food & body

Specializing in Nutrition Counseling & Programs for:

  • Digestive health

  • Prenatal nutrition

We’re diving deep in!

I’m not here to give a meal plan & send you on your way. I’m here to give you the tools and skills for long-term focused healthy practices.


Escape the Roller Coaster Dieting Cycle

Getting on and off the dieting roller coaster is challenging, but doable! The first step is acknowledging the role it plays in your life. 


Improve your Relationship with Food

Food is always going to be there. Just as we aim for healthy relationships, we need to build skills that support a healthy relationship with food. 


Build Empowered, Intentional Eating Habits

Having empowered eating habits is the difference between food controlling you versus having food work for you.


Get Clarity on Confusing Nutrition Information

Nutrition info is confusing! My  coaching comes from a “nutrition agnostic” approach – meaning not stuck on one way of approaching nutrition & open to evaluating anything & everything that could work for you.


Bridge the Gap of Science & Application

There’s an important bridge between what works in a controlled, clinical setting, and what happens in real life. Your plan needs to be realistic. Finding that bridge and balance is necessary for health & sustainable actions.  


Support Physical, Mental, Social, & Emotional Well-being

If your actions are helping your physical health, but harming your mental, social, or emotional wellbeing, it’s truly not healthy. We build actions that support all of them!

You don’t need a meal plan.

You need skills to

  • Build nutrient-dense meals that support your health & energy
  • Make empowered food choices, not letting food control you
  • Plan & prep meals that fit your lifestyle & body needs
  • Learn to recognize hunger and fullness cues and be more aligned with your body

A few of my favorite 

I’ve Developed a Realistic Meal Plan & Show How to Create  One for Yourself!

  • 4 Important Steps for Simple Meal Prep

  • How to Put Meals Together for Ease and Energy

  • Healthy Food List Memory Jogger So You Know Your Options

  • A Free 3-Day Meal Plan to Use and Refer to

  • Template for Your 3-Day Meal Plan to Personalize for Your Preferences

  • Balanced Snack Options to Give You a Kick of Energy and Balanced Blood Sugar Levels


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