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Nutrition Plans and Coaching to Improve Your Relationship

Get Food Freedom...

So you won’t stress about what to eat, how much to eat, and what to do when your out of your normal, controllable, food environment.

Get Weight Freedom...

So you can stop worrying about the scale and feel comfortable in your body.

Get Yourself Unstuck

From confusion around which diet to follow and what to do for maintenance.

I help women, especially military wives, escape the yo-yo dieting cycle, keep weight off, and live an empowered life.

Nutrition has become a field cluttered with unnecessary rules and restrictions. My approach to nutrition is individualized, but still centered around a minimalist approach.

About Kat 

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

My name’s Kat! I help women feel empowered around food without being perfectionistic about it. 

We work on body goals while improving your relationship with food. We cut the yo-yo dieting, confusion, and overwhelm of what to eat and help you see a big drop in emotional over-eating, consistency issues, and high-sugar habits that harm.

I help people transform their life through nutrition to show up better, to have balanced hormone levels, to have energy to get through the day, to have energy to play with their kids and pets, to have energy to spend time with their partners, and to show up as more authentically themselves without being controlled by food and cravings and without having to get on and off diets over and over again.

Build & Grow Skills

⇢Meal prep skills you can use in everyday life and during big life changes

⇢Understand confusing hunger/fullness cues and how to listen to what your body needs

⇢Learn how to choose foods healthy and still convenient to you with any time you have

⇢Learn how to use intake moderation as a tool so 1 bite doesn’t turn into 20+

⇢Learn what environmental factors are holding you back and a plan to overcome

Gain Knowledge

Learn how hormones can make or break weight loss and healthy eating goals

Learn how to prioritize what to focus on for long-term consistency

Learn why some habits are not sustainable and how to incorporate habits for the long-term by using basic human behavioral psychology 

Learn the best foods to choose for your goals and needs according to availability, financial access, taste and health preferences

Change Mindset

Change self-sabotaging practices

⇢ Learn how to adopt a more growth-focused mindset

Learn how to tap into your intrinsic motivation 

Learn how to cope with stress without using food

Address practices that trigger your inner rebel and keep you from being consistent 

Learn self-sabotaging attitudes and beliefs and how to change them

“I spent my entire life yoyo dieting, and this program taught me how to make a lifestyle change. Because of that, I’ve been able to keep the weight off for over a year, and I now have a healthy relationship with food. I use food as fuel for my body. I get to eat delicious, nutritious food and I never have to feel guilty about what I’m putting in my mouth. This program really just changed my mind about food. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin, and I’ve regained my self confidence. That’s a priceless gift, and I would encourage anyone to give it a try. It’s certainly changed my life.” 

*results may vary from one client to another

“I found Kat and couldn’t be happier that I did! In our first meeting Kat was able to identify the source of my weight gain and help me set goals to start reversing the trend. This comes from her ability to sit and listen, discuss, and actually understand me. I’m happy to say that over the course of the 2 month program I signed on for, I lost 27 pounds! At the end of the 2 months, I felt encouraged, was seeing results, and did not want to stop. I’m still losing weight and Kat is still working with me to help me achieve a whole new set of goals I never imagined pursuing. I feel like Kat really has taken a personal interest in seeing me succeed, and that makes all the difference.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Coaching Works!

What do we go over in nutrition coaching?

As your nutrition coach, we’ll…address your consistency killers, work to transform habits, find out what’s really triggering your hunger, address manipulating mindsets that sabotage your good intentions, and implement fundamentals that apply to all seasons of life to empower you to get in charge of and around your food.

What is your training?

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and in good standing with the Commission on Dietetic Registration. I have a history working in private practice and in a clinical setting. Behaviorism-focused coaching is my primary focus and specialty.

What if I don't get results?

The very nature of my coaching is to go beyond bandaid “fixes” and get to the root of the problem keeping you from being successful. The majority of the people I work with have come to me as serial dieters looking for a way out. While everyone’s experience is slightly different (due to difference in plan needs), and because I legally cannot guarantee anything as a health professional…if you are open with your struggles and bring your concerns and patterns to me, you greatly enhance your chance for results. 🙂

How are the meetings structured?

We’ll start with a 45-60 minute initial consult, where we will go over your nutrition and health history, daily intake patterns, your biggest struggles, and goals. From there, we will create a some starting action steps to get you going ASAP and I’ll work on your personal meal plan (delivered within 24 hrs). Check-ins are on a weekly basis as needed. During check-ins, we will go over the previous week’s wins, challenges, and game plan for the upcoming week.


All coaching begins with a $100 initial consult, which includes: a 45-60 minute in-depth interview on nutrition and health history, a personalized overarching plan to get to your goals, a meal plan tailored to your needs at this time, handouts as necessary, and access to my electronic medial record where you can track food and health habits.

Check-ins are where we tweak plans, game-plan for upcoming challenges, reflect on previous week’s nutrition intake, and more.

Each additional week is $35 and is sold on a month basis.

The first month of nutrition coaching is $205 ($100 + 3 x $35). Each additional month is $140 ($35 x 4)



Meal plans are notorious for not working long-term for a variety of reasons. There is some nuance to the term, and while I won’t be giving you a cookie-cutter meal plan, I will work with you to create a realistic meal plan for your lifestyle and goals. I’ll also teach you how to meal plan for yourself!


Get Coaching!

Nothing happens without consistency! Break the yo-yo dieting cycle and scale-obsessed dieting and address the most important things killing your consistency.