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Did you know that moving counts as one of the top stressors in life? 

Eating healthy while not having all your kitchen supplies can be a challenge, but it’s still possible. Moving is a big change, but having some kind of plan for food can give you a little more structure.

Planning ahead regarding your nutrition can be just one part of reducing stress and giving you some structure while you settle into your new house, town/city, state, etc.

Being a military spouse, I move states every few years. Having something known, like my food, has been something that keeps me energized, focused, and feeling “at home”.

I love being spontaneous and having a lot of flexibility, but I do love having some known, consistent things, especially with my food. It’s extra stuff to pack, but your body will thank you!

I figured I’m probably not the only one experiencing this…it is PCS season after all!

Here’s a list of what I brought with us to give you some ideas when moving.

In a hurry? Download and save the checklist for when you need!

  • Large skillet pan and lid, and a small one: pan fry chicken, ground beef/turkey, make eggs. If you have to pick one, take the large pan to make more at one time and save it for later.
  • Sauce pan & lid: to make rice, quinoa, heat up soup
  • Med/Large bowl: for mixing together any food needed, and for holding salad mixes
  • Meal prep containers: to hold prepared food in the refrigerator
  • Kitchen scissors: for cutting veggies and cutting meat if needed
  • Large silicone spoon, large tongs, spatula: pretty much all I need to prepare basic food
  • Mini grater: for garlic, ginger, and lemon zest (I love adding extra fresh flavor)
  • Thermometer: Gotta make sure my chicken is 100% done
  • Can opener: for opening canned green beans and tuna (even though they usually have pull-up tops)
  • Microwave: ‘cause life’s too short to always wait for the oven
  • Food Scale: to fit my meal to my goals and needs. Definitely not needed.
  • Coffee Maker (percolator and a small french press): options!
  • Coffee bean grinder: one key to better tasting coffee. Not 100% needed of course. 🙂
  • 2 coffee cups: for coffee & tea
  • Travel coffee mug, cold coffee cup, shaker bottle: I use these often
  • I also brought a small cutting board to use when I’m cutting things with my kitchen scissors (didn’t bring any real knives)
  • Baking sheet: for roasting veggies, chicken, ect.
  • We also brought some basic seasonings (salt, pepper, cumin, garlic power, etc)

Once we got to our destination, all we had to buy were paper plates, paper bowl, plastic utensils (we hand-washed and reused them), and food! We brought some with us, but had to get the basics and more perishable ones.

Remember, download here to save for when you need!