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Step #1

Download The Straight-Up Simplified Nutrition & Meal Planning Road Map – DETAILS BELOW…


I’ve Developed a Realistic Meal Plan Here & I Walk You Through How to Create One for Yourself – FAST!

  • 4 Important Steps for Simple Meal Prep
  • How to Put Meals Together for Ease and Energy
  • Healthy Food List Memory Jogger So You Know Your Options
  • A Free 3-Day Meal Plan to Use and Refer to
  • Template for Your 3-Day Meal Plan to Personalize for Your Preferences
  • Balanced Snack Options to Give You a Kick of Energy and Balanced Blood Sugar Levels


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Plan all your week’s meals in just a few minutes. 

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“I spent my entire life yoyo dieting, and this program taught me how to make a lifestyle change. Because of that, I’ve been able to keep the weight off for over a year, and I now have a healthy relationship with food. I use food as fuel for my body. I get to eat delicious, nutritious food and I never have to feel guilty about what I’m putting in my mouth. This program really just changed my mind about food. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin, and I’ve regained my self confidence. That’s a priceless gift, and I would encourage anyone to give it a try. It’s certainly changed my life.” 



*results may vary from one client to another


“I found Kat and couldn’t be happier that I did! In our first meeting Kat was able to identify the source of my weight gain and help me set goals to start reversing the trend. This comes from her ability to sit and listen, discuss, and actually understand me. I’m happy to say that over the course of the 2 month program I signed on for, I lost 27 pounds! At the end of the 2 months, I felt encouraged, was seeing results, and did not want to stop. I’m still losing weight and Kat is still working with me to help me achieve a whole new set of goals I never imagined pursuing. I feel like Kat really has taken a personal interest in seeing me succeed, and that makes all the difference.”

About Kat

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

My name’s Kat! I help women feel empowered around food without being perfectionistic about it. 

We work on body goals while improving your relationship with food. We cut the yo-yo dieting, confusion, and overwhelm of what to eat and help you see a big drop in emotional over-eating, consistency issues, and high-sugar habits that harm. 

I was there. 

There was a time when I was unsure of what to eat to fuel my body well. Unsure of what to eat. Unsure how to pair food for satiety, performance, staying power and was so confused on what nutrition. But once I figure all that out, the next issue was consistency. Once I got that under my belt, all that gave me even more hands-on experience of eating well and feeling strong throughout life stressors!