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 w/ Kat Benson, RDN, CSSD, LD

Are you tired of the endless cycle of diets and restrictions?

Do you want to break free from the guilt and shame associated with your eating habits?

Welcome to the Unlock Nutrition & Food Freedom Community, where we empower you to take control of your relationship with food and achieve lasting well-being.

Your Path to Food Freedom Starts Here!

Our Mission: We are on a mission to empower individuals with weight-neutral nutrition knowledge, providing an accessible platform for holistic learning and community support. We aim to help people break free from the dieting cycle, allowing them to foster a balanced and healthy relationship with food.

Our Vision: We envision a world where nutrition is understood beyond scales and measurements. Through our ever-growing resource library and interactive sessions, we strive to be the go-to community for those seeking a weight-neutral approach to health, fostering an environment where every member finds strength, support, and sustainable strategies for well-being.


Escape the Roller Coaster Dieting Cycle


Improve your Relationship with Food


Build Empowered, Intentional Eating Habits


Get Clarity on Confusing Nutrition Information


Bridge the Gap of Science & Application


Support Physical, Mental, Social, & Emotional Well-being

What’s Inside the Unlock Nutrition & Food Freedom Community?

Resource Website: Access our dedicated platform, where you'll find a treasure trove of resources to support your journey towards food freedom.

  • Downloads: Explore a wide range of downloadable materials covering various related topics, including informative mini-series, handouts, and convenient cheat sheets.
  • Courses & Programs: Enroll in our specialized courses, such as the “Craving Crusher Course” and the “Meal Planning Course,” (both launching early 2024) designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need for lasting change.
Interactive Zoom Sessions: Don't worry if you can't attend live; our sessions are recorded for your convenience. Join us on the first and third Monday of each month for:
  • Monthly Virtual Q&A: Have your burning questions answered by our experts. Submit your queries ahead of time to ensure personalized responses.
  • Monthly Group Coaching/Lecture Session: Engage in informative and interactive sessions on planned topics. What’s more, our community members have a voice; you can vote on what you’d like to learn next, making sure our content aligns with your needs.
Community: Connect with like-minded individuals, engage in meaningful conversations, and stay updated with the latest developments.
  • A variety of channels: Share your insights, experiences and take away support and encouragement. Our discussions channel is your go-to space for support.
    Monthly Challenges: Challenge yourself and set new milestones with our monthly challenges, designed to help you make progress on your journey to food freedom.
    • Weight/food-neutral challenges: Examples include food variety, food appreciation, and more

    Hi, I’m Kat!

    Embarking on a journey to change your nutrition is a deeply personal and exciting adventure…

    Growing up in figure skating and Taekwondo, I thought having the “perfect diet” was the key to success.

    I became obsessed with food quality, counted calories, and feared “bad” foods.

    Then, in 2013, I discovered the Intuitive Eating framework and really started to build a healthy relationship with food.

    It took time, but now, nearly a decade later, I’ve healed my relationship with food and have helped hundreds of others find food freedom. 

    Imagine a life where you’re at peace with food, where meals are moments of joy, not anxiety. Where your relationship with your body is built on trust and kindness, not judgment.

    This is not just a dream—it’s a journey you can start today.

    Welcome to our program, where we transform your relationship with food and yourself, guiding you toward a future where you:

    • Embrace Eating with Awareness: Discover the freedom of eating attentively, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods without guilt or fear. We’ll help you tune into your body’s cues, savoring each bite and finding true satisfaction in your meals.
    • Find Joy in Movement: Uncover physical activities you love, integrating them into your life not as chores, but as sources of happiness and energy. Say goodbye to the gym memberships you dread and hello to a new world of enjoyable, life-enhancing activities.
    • Live a Life Filled with Adventure and Learning: Break free from the constraints of diet culture and embark on adventures that once seemed out of reach. Travel, explore new cuisines, and open your world to experiences that enrich your soul and broaden your horizons.

    This is your opportunity to live a life where food is your friend, not your enemy. A life where your health and happiness are intertwined, where every meal is a step on the path to well-being, and every day brings new joys and discoveries.

    Join us, and let’s turn this vision into your reality.

    Together, we can create a future where you live fully, love freely, and eat joyously.

    Welcome to the transformation.


    What People Are Saying

    “The little tidbits of information we get every day have been amazing because we’re not getting overloaded with a bunch of information all at once. It’s just a little bit and we are able to digest it, read it and understand it without being bombarded by all kinds of stuff at once and the challenges have been really great.”
    “I found that exploring my thoughts on food and it’s nutritional aspects via the weekly discussion prompts helped me understand myself better, as well as the food I surround myself with. I was able to better check in with my hunger levels and emotional states that would guide my food choices. I also explored and got better at understanding how each food has a nutritional context to it, to help me think of it more neutrally versus “good or bad”. This helps me feel OK about enjoying foods that I want to enjoy— without guilt, while also making informed choices about what foods to consume for optimal nutrition and/or purpose throughout the day.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is Unlock Nutrition & Food Freedom for?

    Our community is designed for anyone seeking a balanced, healthy relationship with food and nutrition. It’s particularly suited for those who are:

    1. Looking to Break Free from Dieting Cycles: If you’ve found yourself caught in a cycle of restrictive dieting, yo-yo weight changes, and are seeking a more sustainable approach, this community is for you.

    2. Interested in Evidence-Based Nutrition: We prioritize scientific, evidence-based information about nutrition and health, making this a great space for those who value reliable and factual guidance.

    3. Seeking Support and Understanding: Our community is a supportive environment for sharing experiences, challenges, and victories on the journey towards a healthier relationship with food.

    4. Eager to Learn and Grow: If you’re open to learning about weight-neutral approaches to health and discovering ways to nourish your body without guilt or fear, you’ll find this community enriching.

    5. Advocates of a Balanced Approach to Health: We embrace a balanced perspective on health, considering physical, emotional, and mental well-being, making this community ideal for those who believe in a comprehensive approach to wellness.

    In essence, this community is a welcoming space for anyone who wants to learn, grow, and find balance in their approach to nutrition and well-being, free from the pressures of diet culture and weight-centric paradigms.

    What is your training?

    I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and in good standing with the Commission on Dietetic Registration. I have a history working in private practice and in a clinical setting. Behaviorism-focused coaching is my primary focus and specialty.

    What does HAES MEAN?

    Health at Every Size® principles help us advance social justice, create an inclusive and respectful community, and support people of all sizes in finding compassionate ways to take care of themselves. The Health at Every Size paradigm includes the following basic components:


    • Celebrates body diversity;
    • Honors differences in size, age, race, ethnicity, gender, dis/ability, sexual orientation, religion, class, and other human attributes.

    Critical Awareness

    • Challenges scientific and cultural assumptions;
    • Values body knowledge and people’s lived experiences.

    Compassionate Self-care

    • Finding the joy in moving one’s body and being physically active;
    • Eating in a flexible and attuned manner that values pleasure and honors internal cues of hunger, satiety, and appetite, while respecting the social conditions that frame eating options.
    Am I price-locked into the price I sign-up at?

    Absolutely! When you join our community, the subscription rate you sign up with is locked in for you, ensuring that your price remains consistent as long as your account remains active. We value your commitment and want to honor your early decision to be a part of our journey.

    However, please note that if you decide to cancel your membership and wish to rejoin later, the subscription fee applicable at that future time will apply. This policy is in place to encourage continuity and long-term participation in our community, which we believe is key to fully experiencing and benefiting from what we offer.

    Will payment automatically renew?

    Yes, your subscription to our community will automatically renew. This feature is designed to provide you with continuous, uninterrupted access to all our resources, sessions, and community support without any hassle.

    Here’s what this means for you:

    1. Seamless Experience: Automatic renewal ensures that your access to the community is seamless. You won’t have to worry about manual renewals or experiencing any lapse in access to our content and sessions.

    2. Convenience: We understand that life gets busy, and automatic renewal takes one more thing off your to-do list. It’s all about making your experience as convenient and straightforward as possible.

    3. Control: While your subscription will renew automatically, you have complete control over your membership. You can update your subscription preferences or cancel at any time before the renewal date.

    Is it easy to cancel if I need to?

    You can cancel any time you want by shooting an email to kat@unlockednutrition.com. There won’t be any hassling you about it.